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How to choose a plan

save money

How Does it Work?

We ask you a few simple questions and requirements for the type of cover you need and then we work with our partners to offer you the best cover available for the lowest cost.


  • Long-term Financial Security
  • Economic Protection for Your Investments
  • Suitable for Rising Loans
  • Protection Against Creditors
  • 24/7 Personal Financial Consultant

Types of Cover

your legal responsibilities as a business owner

Public Liability

  • Business protections against property damage accidents on your property, customer claims, claims from people you visit or sites that you work on.

Professional Indemnity

  • Cover for compensation claims made against you if a customer or client thinks you have made a mistake.

We Offer Car & Van Insurance too

Need to make sure your fleet is insured?

We offer car and van insurance tailored to business! We can save you vs the major providers organizing additional cover for your vehicles.

We can also include telematics and tracking into your fleet which boosts security and productivity for your people and ensures you know where your vehicles are at all times.