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We are Blue, a business agency offering consultation, good quality products and services to help you reduce your outgoings and maximize your business potential!

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We are  a small but dedicated team of industry professionals, with specialisms in the hospitality, facilities management, engineering and others, with decades of experience working for others and ourselves.

We have ran our own businesses in the past and know the challenges and decisions you face on a daily basis.

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George Tsamasfyris
Blue helped me to get off the ground and saved me a lot of money on startup costs and utilities that I didn’t realize was possible. This meant I could use my funding to get started quicker and without ongoing burdening costs.

George Tsamasfyris


Plato - Greek Restaurant

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Business Consultant

Tony has 7 years experience in the engineering, technical services and facilities management industry and has project managed major contracts across the United Kingdom. Previously Tony worked in the hospitality sector and has recently helped a number of existing hotels and restaurants lower their costs and manages brand portfolios.

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Hospitality and Training Specialist

Theresa spent over 35 years working in the hospitality industry, with most of her early career in management and the last 15 years owning and operating multiple venues. Theresa has sat at board level on industry associations and has advised a number of key account clients including drinks manufacturers on their portfolios

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Neil McCondichie
Neil McCondichie
Procurement and Finance Consultant

Neil has over 45 years managing budgets and projects for government projects before moving into the hospitality industry where he headed procurement and financial aspects before carrying on this role in his own business encompassing hotels, bars and kitchens.<br />

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