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Blue was formed out of passion to help others succeed in business. We are a small but dedicated team of business professionals with specialisms in the hospitality, facilities management and engineering sectors and have ran successful businesses ourselves across a varied career span.

We have worked for others too and understand the connection you have to your people, your customers and how much work business owners and directors put into their company.

We are here to make your first step or your next step easier and will be able to save you time and money along the way.

  • 1999

    The beginning of business

    After working for many others, we decided to take the leap of faith that so many of you have and started out on our own.

    We spent the next 15 years improving, culminating and sometimes making the mistakes that all business owners make at one point in time.

    Most importantly we learned and got over the pitfalls

  • 2002

    We doubled up

    We expanded, taking on another business, and turning it from a failing entity into a thriving success!

    We reduced our costs, utilized our existing staff and hired new ones along the way.

  • 2003

    On board

    Our team was invited to sit on local authority boards which affect licencing, policing and industry guidelines. In the same year we were approached by a major drinks manufacturer to advise on our success and be an example for their representatives.


  • 2004

    We won our first award

    We were recognized twice in this year for one of our flagship businesses at national level, making headlines in the newspaper.

    One of our team, Neil was recognized for his services to charity which were a present theme throughout the years raising thousands of pounds and making a great difference to peoples lives!

  • 2008

    We entered the Engineering Industry

    Branching out, we got the qualifications and we started with the tools in our hands. We have worked on some of the largest government and private contracts and eventually grew to being specialist consultants in the compressed air, nitrogen and filtration sectors.

    This grew into more broad scale facilities and project management and we have advised some of the major players in industries such as nuclear, health, food manufacturing, the drinks industry to name a few.


  • 2012

    People Came to us

    As we continued on with our successful path, others started to request our help.

    We gladly helped out and this was the starting phases to progress.


  • 2017

    Blue was born

    After a number of years offering support, advice and consultancy on a sole basis, we decided to come together again and share our early business experience and expertise as part of the same team, strengthening our offering and giving backup and support to our clients!

    Welcome to the birth of Blue

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